The Solution to Everything
Gregory Dickow
I don’t have a complicated message: I want to encourage people with the good news of God’s unconditional love—and to see that reality change their thinking and their emotions.
The Solution to Everything

If someone told you they could give you something that would provide a way out of EVERY situation, EVERY challenge, solve EVERY problem and defeat ALL your enemies, what would you say? Would you think “No way! That sounds too good to be true!”

Well … I’ve got good news. There IS something in REAL LIFE that gives us power and victory over every enemy and solves every problem.

It’s called the GIFT of Righteousness. And it’s FREE. That’s right. The gift of righteousness is the greatest weapon and greatest protection against the devil, his schemes, and his lies. And for THAT reason, the devil is constantly working to keep people from knowing about righteousness and truly understanding what it is and how to use its power. But I’m putting an end to that! Read on, and you’ll discover some biblical truths about this precious gift of righteousness that will change your life forever!

In Acts 13:10, the bible calls the devil the “enemy of all righteousness”. He’s not the enemy of your finances, or your health, or your family or any related thing. He’s the ENEMY of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Why is that?

He’s the enemy of righteousness because we REIGN in LIFE through the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness (Romans 5:17). It’s God’s grace and His gift of righteousness that causes us to be able to rise above EVERY circumstance and have victory in EVERY area of life … not just victory when we get to heaven, but here on earth!

When you and I reign in life, that’s the greatest threat to the devil. Why? Because his ultimate goal is this – to reign over everything. But he knows he can’t reign when WE are reigning! THAT’s why he’s the enemy of righteousness. And that’s why he wants to blind me, you and every Christian on the planet from the truth of this gift God has given us.

“Religion” says we have to do this or that (whether it’s pray hard enough, be good enough, fast long enough, etc.) in order to “become righteous.” But that’s a LIE!

The moment we accept what Jesus did for us on the cross, God clothes us. He puts a robe (or coat) of righteousness on us. It’s His precious gift to us because He loves us. And once we have that coat on, it can never be taken from us. The robe of righteousness makes us perfect in God’s sight. It’s the one thing that allows us to stand before Him and it gives us access and rights to His promises and blessing as sons and daughters

The truth is, you can’t live a victorious life when you’re constantly focusing on all your human flaws and sins. It’s because of JESUS’ obedience (not ours!), that we have the right to stand before God and pray, and have our prayers answered!

Romans 5:19 – through one man’s (Adam’s) disobedience, sin reigned. But through one man’s (Jesus) obedience, we reign in life. Jesus became what we were (sinners) so we could become what He is (righteous). (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Oh, I wish I could shout this from the rooftops so ALL Christians could get this and internalize it once and for all. What a difference it would make! Our obedience to God brings a harvest of good things, but it does NOT bring us any closer to God. Likewise, our disobedience brings a harvest of not-so-good things, but even our disobedience can’t separate us from God. (Romans 8) Thank GOD for His precious gift of righteousness!

Your humanity (emotions and physical needs) and your Christianity (based on Jesus’ blood) are two different things. Failure in your humanity is NOT failure in your Christianity. You can NOT fail if you’re in Christ!

I pray that God would open your eyes to see yourself as He sees you. And that you’ll come into the full knowledge of everything you have in Christ and because of the precious gift of righteousness.

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