The Treasure in You: What Do You Have in Your House?
Gregory Dickow
I don’t have a complicated message: I want to encourage people with the good news of God’s unconditional love—and to see that reality change their thinking and their emotions.

Are you ready for a supernatural breakthrough? Sometimes when we face challenges, we can feel separated from our source of security, power, and joy. Everyone needs a breakthrough of some kind. It may be in finances, health, loved ones, addictions, mindsets, afflictions, marriage, or parenting situations. The great news is breakthroughs come when there is a discovery. In his latest message, Pastor Gregory Dickow reveals how to experience breakthroughs by discovering the treasures God has placed in us. He explains how God provides for us in difficulties and what we can do to receive His provision. As we go on a treasure hunt and discover grace, righteousness, and the treasure in us, we can confidently move forward in changing our world and obtaining the blessed life God desires.

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