Travel Light! Leaving Your Baggage Behind
Gregory Dickow
I don’t have a complicated message: I want to encourage people with the good news of God’s unconditional love—and to see that reality change their thinking and their emotions.
Travel Light! Leaving Your Baggage Behind

The year was 2000 when hip-hopper, Erykah Badu released the hit entitled, Bag Lady:

“… Bag lady you gone hurt your back
Dragging all them bags like that …
One day all them bags gone get in your way
So pack light …
Bag lady
Let it go, Let it go, Let it go, Let it go … “

Pretty good advice, right?

When Jesus sent out his disciples in Matthew 10:10, He said: “Take no bag for your journey…”

You see, God has an amazing journey planned for you, but in order for you to experience it, you gotta let go of some baggage and travel light!

As we move forward into this new year, we would do well to heed these words of Jesus (and Badu, for that matter)—pack light; let go; let go; let go of your baggage—and enjoy the journey God intended for you!

With that in mind, I want to encourage you to leave a few things behind in order to step into the great destiny God has for you! Leave behind:

1. Unforgiveness. Don’t wait for a feeling. Forgiveness is not a feeling. Its a choice. Refuse to hold anything against anyone for any reason. The Word says, don’t let the sun go down on your anger. We aren’t wired to hold a grudge through the night. Let it go. Its a choice. And its a gift we’ve freely received from God. And its a gift, therefore, we should freely give. That’s why the middle part of the word: ‘for-give-ness’ is ‘give’. Its a gift! If you will choose to give this gift and leave unforgiveness behind, you will begin to step into your destiny, care-free, light-hearted and happier than you’ve been in a long time!

2. Guilt. Guilt is a tool of the devil to keep us confined to our mistakes and defined by our past. When we carry guilt with us, it makes us depressed; it makes us angry; and it makes us feel lonely. We’ve all blown it, but Jesus wants to free you from a guilty conscience. There is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ. Embrace God’s grace! Accept your forgiveness. In Hebrews 8:12 God says, “I will remember your sins NO MORE!” the verdict is in. Jesus declares you: Not guilty! When you accept this merciful verdict, anger leaves; condemnation leaves; confidence grows; and your faith soars! Anything becomes possible, when you realize how free you really are. Let it go!

3. Small Expectations. When Abraham was childless, God took him OUTSIDE and said: “LOOK UP and count the stars if you’re able! That’s how many descendants you’re going to have!” (Genesis 15:5.) In order to experience the best God has for you this year, and any year, we have to ditch low expectations, lift up our head; LOOK UP; and expect God to do exceeding abundantly beyond what we can ask or think! To live a life beyond our wildest thoughts or dreams starts by having some wild thoughts and wild dreams! Let go of a small God today. Let go of small expectations today. Think big today because you have a BIG GOD. Ask big today because you have a BIG GOD. Expect big today because you have a BIG BIG God! Dream…ON!

Decide today to leave these bags behind! As you do, you will leap, skip & soar into your God-given destiny! Travel light & Godspeed!