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Restore, Recover and Reclaim

Have you suffered any type of loss lately? Has the enemy stolen something from you that you want back? Do you have a loved one that needs to be saved? In Jesus’ name, that which was lost will be found, the stolen will be returned, and the unsaved will be restored! Jesus said in Luke  Continue Reading »

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Don’t Park There

He waited and waited. And nothing happened. He prayed and prayed—to no avail. He tried and tried—yet nothing changed. Have you ever felt like that? For 38 years, the man by the pool of Bethesda felt like that. He was stuck in his condition for FOUR DECADES! He must have gotten used to the way  Continue Reading »

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The Gift of Hope

How to receive the gift of Hope! It’s been said that man can live 4 weeks without food; 4 days without water; 4 minutes without air; but we can’t live 4 seconds without hope! Hope is like having a dream that you believe will come to pass; expecting a promise from God to come to  Continue Reading »

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