Jesus: Our Avenger Series


This series will inspire you, empower you, and give you the practical tools you need to increase your expectation of God’s goodness. Now you can expect to see God’s goodness right every wrong that you have experienced!

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Jesus: Our Avenger Series

God Will Avenge You. Get Ready for Restoration!

The world can be unjust – and it’s easy to feel the need to bring justice to situations when we have felt attacked or betrayed, abandoned or abused. Relying on our own revenge or the laws of man to right certain wrongs can be dangerous and futile. God’s divine justice is the ultimate vindication in our feelings of unfairness and inequity. In this series, we learn that God has already paid the highest price for our own restoration by allowing his Son to die on the cross.

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  • Jesus: Our Avenger | 3-CD Audio Series

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