A Faith That Never Fails Series


Because God’s love never fails, we can have an everlasting faith that never fails. This teaching will open our eyes to our truly indestructible shield of faith!

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A Faith That Never Fails Comes From Love That Never Fails!

How can we have a faith that never fails?

We don’t have to “believe hard enough.” Our trust cannot be in our ability or strength to not fail. It’s not possible to live a life where we don’t fail, but it is possible to live a life where our faith doesn’t. Pastor Gregory Dickow teaches us the four things we can rest our faith in. These four things will free us from the impossible mission of trying to put our confidence in ourselves. Listen and learn what Jesus means when He prays for us so that it will never fail. We can put our trust in God’s eternal, unfailing love for us.

We don’t have to make ourselves holy enough or stand in our strength. Our confidence in God’s love will carry us when it is in His steadfastness, not ours! Our trust is not in our ability to stand but in Jesus’ ability to help us stand. He’s the Author and Finisher of a perfected faith. Watch and experience Jesus lift the burden and pressure of perfection off your shoulders!

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  • A Faith That Never Fails | 2-CD Audio Series

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