The Holy Spirit: God’s Answer for Your Every Need Collection


This practical and inspiring collection will reveal to you how the Holy Spirit is God’s answer to your every need. It will also show you how to activate His power so you can be equipped and empowered to live victorious in this life like never before.

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The Holy Spirit is God’s Answer!

God has called you to an extraordinary life and purpose! How can you begin to experience the Holy Spirit’s transformation from ordinary to extraordinary? This empowering collection will teach you how to activate the power of the Holy Spirit so you can experience an extraordinary, supernatural life. Now you can experience extraordinary joy, blessings, health, relationships, and more as you become increasingly aware of His presence. Your expectations and awareness of the Him will increase as you see how the He transformed ordinary people into extraordinary people, and expect Him to do the same for you!

Items Included:

  • The Holy Spirit: God’s Answer for Your Every Need | Single Audio CD
  • You Have the Same Spirit as Jesus | Single Audio CD
  • The Spirit Turns Ordinary People Into Extraordinary People | Single Audio CD
  • How to Hear the Voice of God Today | Paperback Book

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