What to Do When God Seems Silent


Miracles happen in silence. Even when you don’t hear God speaking, you can have great joy and trust Him in the silence because He is still listening to you! This empowering collection will unveil your true priceless worth as His son or daughter.

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What to do when God seems silent

In this, What To Do When God Seems Silent collection, you will experience the true priceless worth of your soul.

Pastor Gregory Dickow gives us a fresh look at what Jesus’ first coming to earth means. You will discover the symbolic beauty of Christ’s coming and the impact He forever had on the human soul. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us. Even when God seems silent, you can rest assured, knowing God is listening.

Loneliness is an invitation from God to meet your soul’s greatest need. It is a sign that there’s an emptiness in you that only God can fill. It can motivate, inspire, and lead you to pursue a lifetime of intimacy with Jesus. You can come to Him at any moment you choose. No matter what challenges you may be facing, you can experience God’s comforting ever-presence. You can be kept in His perfect peace as He steadily sets things right in your life.

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  • What To Do When God Seems Silent | Singe Audio CD

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