The Lord of Restoration USB Collection


This practical and empowering collection will review the five key things that Jesus’ sacrifice restored to us. There is a psychology of fear, but God has provided a way to dismantle all of it so you can be free. Power comes when you pour out your heart to God. This will guarantee freedom in your life, and bring a new dimension to your relationship with God. This is a must-have for every believer. This liberating collection of resources also includes a digital jump drive card of all the CD teachings in this collection and more.


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Restoration is Assured

Jesus is the Lord of restoration! No matter what the enemy stolen from you, God has promised He will restore it all!

In Acts 10:38, God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power. He went about doing good and healing everyone oppressed by the devil. To be oppressed means that somebody or something else is in control of your life, future, and destiny. When you feel controlled by life, finances, sickness, disease, or by any other human being, that’s oppression. But Jesus gives us Divine restoration so we can determine our future. He also gave us the wisdom to control our emotions, choices, and attitudes.

This Collection will show you how to receive God’s total restoration in every area of your life. It will also outline and reveal the biblical process of restoration He uses to bring it all back to you. You will discover how to trust God more fully, believe and accept His Word and promises, and see all things clearly as He does. Having faith in these truths and applying them will help you experience His miracle process of restoration.

You will also learn: how to look at life from His perspective, how to think and believe in agreement with Him, how to be grateful for what He has already done to become whole, and how to say what He says to bring you the restoration that belongs to you in Christ Jesus!

If you feel broken, damaged, used, and abused, or maybe you feel you are not worthy of God’s kingdom or His blessings, that is a false self-image—a total lie. God restores all things and makes all things new, including YOU!

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Items Included:

  • The Lord of Restoration | Single Audio CD
  • Total Restoration | 2-CD Audio Series
  • Restore | 4-CD Audio Series
  • Restore Jump Drive Card
  • Solar Powered Bible | English or Spanish

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