The Power of Purpose: You Were God’s Idea Collection


This inspiring and timely collection will reveal the truth about the power of your God-given purpose, and how to begin to discover, experience, and fulfill it. Even Psychologists have proven that the principles of God’s Word are true. You can trust His principles. They will give you the solutions you need to experience victory!


Learn the Power of Purpose

Purpose gives meaning to your pain, powers you through it, delivers you from regret, and gives you a clear understanding of the things that happen every day. Therefore, the number one cure to every emotional sickness, pain, confusion, worry, fear, and anxiety in your life is understanding God’s true nature and purpose. When you realize how generous, loving, kind, and good God is, it takes the emotional sickness away. God has a unique purpose for you. He’s had this plan in mind before you were even born.

This inspiring and powerful collection will show you how valuable your soul is and how to take good care of it. It will show you how to experience happiness, miracles, and your purpose and destiny.

Items Included:

  • The Power of Purpose: You Were God’s Idea | 2-CD Audio Series
  • The Most Powerful Words On Earth | Single Audio CD

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