How to Pray Like a Champion Collection


Break out of built-in limitations and expectations that keep you insecure, lonely, and defeated. This collection will awaken you to the power you have to be bold and pray effectively like a champion.

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Pray Like a Champion

How to Pray Like a Champion will show you how to tap into the most incredible untapped resource in the universe—prayer. You don’t have to believe the lie that says you are not good enough to pray effectively. No matter what’s going on in your life, you have a miraculous relationship of great joy that gets you through suffering. You have the gift of 24/7 access to God’s loving presence.

In this life-changing collection, Pastor Gregory Dickow reveals:

  • The power of the gift of Righteousness
  • Prayer as a response mechanism for anxiety
  • The Holy Spirit as our Partner
  • The ABCs of how to pray
  • The prayer of thanksgiving and how Jesus demonstrated it
  • The power of gratitude and the pathway to peace
  • How to obliterate the devil’s lies
  • Biblical reasons why God answers
  • Prayer as Heaven’s currency
  • Why prayers go unanswered
  • How to develop a miracle mindset
  • True abundance and prosperity
  • Practical ways to experience God’s presence
  • And more

Through prayer, supernatural peace, joy, prosperity, and happiness are yours. Be free from anxiety and stress so you can pray with power, bless our generation, and heal a broken, hurting world. Your powerful prayers can and will change the world. This collection will show you how!

Items Included:

  • How to Pray Like a Champion: Unleashing Your Most Powerful Resource | 5-CD Audio Series

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