The Six Most Power-Filled Words in the World Collection


God can fix whatever is broken in your life when you know Him as your Father and believe that He is “greater than all!” You don’t have to hide your fears and insecurities anymore. You can go directly to the Father and find genuine healing for every fracture!

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Your Father is Greater than All

What are the six most power-filled words in the world? In this healing audio series, Pastor Gregory Dickow shares the following six most power-filled words: “My Father is greater than all.” These words will fill you when you’re empty and heal you when you’re aching. When sadness, fear, or anger grip you, these words will be your anchor.

Did you know God Himself has adopted you into His family? This series contains beautiful secrets to healing. As you learn to view God as your Father, blessings come to you because you are a son or daughter of God. Identifying with these blessings delivers you from any spirit of fear, abandonment, bondage, or neglect. You have access to an incredible inheritance through this divine adoption!

It’s time to abandon the mindset that is keeping you in bondage. By embracing your true identity, lasting affirmation, and undefeatable authority from your Father, you will fill the gaps in your soul that no other person can fill. Let go of what’s holding you back from living your best life. Let your Father father you. He will never run out of good things to give you!

This encouraging series also sheds light on what Heaven is actually like. When it’s all said and done, the only thing that matters for eternity is getting as many people to Heaven as we possibly can! We can be at peace, knowing our Father has prepared a place for us at the end of this life. We’re not home or finished yet. There’s work to be done. But what we do is not for any greater purpose than to make this world aware that God is our Father, He is Heaven, and He is waiting for us!

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  • Father, Father Me | 4-CD Audio Series

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