Winning the Battles of Life


How can you experience the victory that God has already purchased for you, and win in the battles of life? How can you live in a healthy, vibrant, relationship with God as the overcomer that you are? This practical, powerful collection will reveal to you how to win!

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How Can You Win Your Battles?

Understanding who you are is the first key to winning the battles you face. However, the only way to know yourself is to know Who God is—His essential character and nature. This eye-opening series will reveal to you God’s real character and nature based upon the life of Jesus in His earthly ministry. This practical, powerful teaching will reveal to you the three keys to winning every battle that you face, and show you how to receive the breakthroughs that are available to you in Christ. Understanding and applying this biblical teaching will launch you into the most victorious, successful life you can imagine!

Items Included:

  • Winning the Battles of Life: The Most Important Thing About YOU! | 2-CD Audio Series

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