You Will Thank God Forever, When You Realize These Three Things Collection $250


This practical and liberating collection will cause you to discover God’s Purpose for your life and give you freedom from struggle so you can rest!

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Discover God’s Purpose, and Make an Eternal Difference in the Lives of People Around the World!

You can know your purpose!

You can discover God’s purpose for your life, and at the same time stand with Gregory Dickow to make a difference in the lives of precious people. They have been forgotten and minimized, all because they struggle to read.



Solar-Powered Audio Bibles

Do you know there are more than 1 billion people in the world who either cannot read or are blind? Many of these precious people are deeply impoverished. They may never hear the Good News, without your generosity. Every gift makes a difference, and you can be part of this incredible life-changing outreach of compassion. Together, we can give the gift of God’s Word to someone who cannot read. Don’t Wait! We need your help today.

Your gift today will help us put solar-powered audio Bibles into the hands of these people. $250 will allow more than ONE HUNDRED people to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language.


What will this teaching do for you?

First, as a special thank you for your support, Gregory Dickow wants to send you this life-changing 5-CD Series, The Purpose of Life: The Power of Thanks & Praise Series. This powerful 5-CD series reveals five specific ways for you to cultivate a thankful heart that will cause you to praise, worship and glorify God—and so much more.

Second, he will include his 4-CD Series entitled, Pour Your Heart Out to God. This is a edifying message that teaches how to attain freedom over your life by bringing your troubles to God. When we accept His power, we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

Third, we have included your very own Solar Powered Audio Bible as a reminder of your support helping us reach 30-million people over the next five years. Plus, we will also include Gregory Dickow’s anointed 2-CD series, Your Struggle Has Ended! The Rest of Faith along with his devotional 30 Days of Rest.

Items Included

  • The Jesus Way to Emotional Freedom | 3-CD Audio Series
  • Pour Your Heart Out to God | 4-CD  Audio Series
  • Your Struggle Has Ended! The Rest of Faith  | 2-CD Audio Series
  • Solar-Powered Audio Bible
  • 30 Days of Rest | Paperback Book

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